Frequently asked questions

MXR is in the pilot stage, what does that mean?

We are still learning and in the early start-up phase. In short, we want to hear from you! What worked and didn’t work? We welcome your feedback and will make tweaks accordingly. Once we nail the pilot phase, we will launch our full product line for your enjoyment.

How much does shipping cost?

While we search for shipping contracts, we will absorb most of the shipping costs. We only ask for a $5 flat rate for USPS Priority 2-day shipping. Kindly note that as we are in the pilot phase, so we are only able to ship in the U.S. This does not include Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, US Virgin Islands, and US Minor Outlying Islands.

When will my box ship?

Your box will arrive within the first week of every month.

How will I know when my box is on its way?

Your box will be mailed within the first couple of days of each month. You will be sent an email from the MXR customer service team once your box has been mailed and this email will include a tracking number.

What if I can’t be there to receive my box? Can you delay my shipment?

Yes, please email our customer service team with your order number and we will arrange an alternate date for your delivery.

How long will the ingredients stay fresh?

Please refrigerate the box upon receipt. Once refrigerated, the box should last up to 3 weeks.

What if my box is missing ingredients, or something is damaged?

Please contact the MXR customer service team. We will overnight your missing ingredients so you can get back to mixing your favorite cocktails. We would appreciate if you could please provide us with detailed information as to what went wrong, so we can improve our product.

I ran out of ingredients; can I buy individual products?

We hand-craft each syrup and garnish, so unfortunately when the month is over, we move on to making brand new cocktails for you to enjoy. However, you have the recipe card, so with your new-found skills can make the cocktails yourself!

Is alcohol included in the box? Why or why not?

We want to keep the price low for you and liquor laws are a little complicated. Hence why we thought it best to send you the ingredients and recipes, and you can use the liquor from your in-home bar and local stores.

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